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  • Dawn Shapiro, AMFT

Transformation is not an event. It’s a process.

Transformation is not an event, but often we think that it is. We dream of that one moment that will change our lives. A lottery win, quitting our job, moving to a new city, meeting the love of our life, all of our hopes hinge on that one moment. But real transformation, long term change, comes from shifting our thinking and through small, or bigger, adjustments to our daily actions. Changing our lives comes from changing our thoughts, our behavior, and our habits. Would you rather love your work and feel great every day, or have a new job? So often we want the new job. It's viewed as an outward manifestation of our success and how capable we are. But we need to believe we are capable of getting the new job. The job is the result, the change itself often happens before that. To feel purposeful, happy, successful and like ourselves; much of that is the result of internal work. If you are not feeling fulfilled and are struggling with transformation or making meaningful changes, it might be time to focus inward. Prioritizing consistent habits and aligning actions with your values is not exciting like trying to manifest winning the lottery or a dream vacation. But it will have a much larger impact on your happiness. Focusing on our actions, rather than the outcome, can help us stay on the path for transformation.


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