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  • Jennifer Smith

Radical Acceptance

Accepting the truth about a situation can sometimes be viewed as an excuse to act as a doormat. This in fact is not true. Especially when it comes to

Radical Acceptance. This practice is a conscious choice in which you put yourself in the best position to make necessary changes. Radical Acceptance is a form of Dialectical Behavior Therapy which has been shown to be successful in the treatment of depression, binge eating, and ADHD. The principles of Radical Acceptance can help us all.

Radical Acceptance consists of accepting oneself, others, and life on life’s terms. Radical Acceptance encourages us to completely accept and embrace a situation with no judgement or concern. By doing so, your suffering will be reduced and you will be able to live a more positive life.

What does Radical Acceptance look like? At first, statements like: “This isn’t fair.”, “It isn’t right.”, “This can’t be true.”, “This shouldn’t be.” show that you are rejecting reality. By adding resistance to a situation that already isn't going your way, results in more suffering. But, when practicing Radical Acceptance, this suffering is decreased.

Radical Acceptance expands our options. Here are some ways to incorporate it in your daily life:

  • Acknowledge your situation

  • Let go of judgment

  • Relax your body

  • Act as if

  • Control what you can control

  • Acceptance affirmations (“It is what it is”, “I can accept things how they are”, “I cannot change what happened”)


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