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  • Jennifer Smith

Body Acceptance

As we move into the summer season, much talk arises regarding the perfect summer body. This image puts pressure on people to appear to others as society expects them to, skinny. Social norms have done an extremely good job at scaring humans about fatness. This fear is also what drives many industries to success. Body shaming has become very internalized and discriminatory. We see how fat people are told what they can and cannot wear, eat and even act like. It is time to move forward from these shameful views to a more accepting perspective.

Fat acceptance is not a movement, it is a way of life. We need to respect, value and honor our bodies and all that they do for us. They do not have to be thin or muscular to do their job. In addition, the word fat has historically had a negative connotation. It has become synonymous to lazy, ugly and incapable when in reality it has no correlation to any of those words. We need to separate the additional emotions that many associate with being fat as we view ourselves and others. Also, fat people do not need input on how to take care of themselves and they do not deserve to be seen as lesser than because of their weight.

So this summer, remember that everyone’s body functions differently and to love yourself no matter what clothing size you are. Resist fat talk as a form of bonding and be accepting of yourself and others.


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