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Jennifer Smith, LMFT, CEO

No one should have to suffer and no one should have to suffer alone. As human beings, it is vital to our survival to feel loved, heard, seen and valued. This allows us to thrive.  It is my role as a therapist to listen, empathize, understand, problem solve, educate and to see and hear and feel along with every one of my clients. I have the honor of sitting with unique people, their their stories, guide them on their journey, help them understand themselves and develop a life that feels worth living. I do this because I truly believe we all deserve and are capable of loving ourselves, those around us and living a fulfilling life. When a client feels safe enough to cry in front of me, to dive deep down into their inner being, to be vulnerable and exposed, I feel so honored. This is my “why”. To be that safe person for everyone who walks through my door and sits on my couch. The safe person that allows them to be, just as they are, and have the courage to grow at the same time. 

Your initial consultation phone call is free. Let's work together to find your ingredients and create the life you've always wanted! 
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