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  • Jennifer Smith

How will practicing Mindfulness benefit me?

Many people wonder how practicing Mindfulness can benefit them. Research shows that practicing mindfulness on a daily basis has many physical and mental benefits increasing our overall well being.

How Mindfulness improves our well being:

* It supports many attitudes that contribute to a satisfied life

* It makes it easier to appreciate and savor the pleasures in life as they occur

* It helps you become fully engaged in activities

* It creates a greater capacity for dealing with adverse events

* Many people find they worry less about the future or regrets over the past

* It can decrease your concerns about success and self esteem

* It helps you form deeper connections with others

How Mindfulness improves our physical well being:

* It can help relieve stress

* It can treat heart disease

* It can lower blood pressure

* It can reduce chronic pain

* It can improve sleep

* It can alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties

Together we can find your inner peace!

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