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Self Care Basics

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Self-care is finding ways to meet your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social needs. Furthermore, it takes time to practice identifying your needs, listening to your mind and body, and making healthier choices for your individual needs. Please keep in mind that self-care varies from person to person. Here are some helpful tips to get started: 



Taking care of your mental health through self-care could mean finding activities that help declutter your mind and feel good about yourself. Mental self-care could mean reading a book, organizing your living space, or watching a funny video. 



Finding healthy ways to react to your emotions includes using healthy coping mechanisms and practicing empathy towards yourself. Healthy coping skills can consist of practicing deep breaths, journaling about how you feel, or being kind to yourself about how you would be with your loved ones (for more information about being kind to yourself, a great reference is “Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself by Kristin Neff”). 



Find an activity that you enjoy that involves moving your body. Finding time for physical activities can be difficult with a busy schedule; trying to find something you enjoy for 5 minutes could be a great way to start. Activities can include 5 minutes of stretching or walking during your lunch break or before bed. Furthermore, it means getting enough sleep, food, and water to care for your physical well-being inside and out. 



Trying to disconnect from work or electronics and focus on an activity you enjoy, like journaling, yoga, or meditation. Finding something that makes you feel more connected with yourself and the world around you, like being around nature or attending a religious service. 



Social self-care involves understanding what amount of time and energy is right for you to spend with friends or family. Connecting with a friend could include calling a friend or making plans to meet with them in person. 


Overall, self-care is about finding something that makes you happy and having compassion about your needs. Take your time finding what works best for you and learning to listen to your body and mind. Have fun creating your own self-care basics with the worksheet also provided.

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