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Abstract Flame

Jaqueline Mendoza, AMFT


Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or confused about not knowing where your life is going?


At times, it can feel that the decision you make right now will affect your entire future, and you feel frozen in making a decision. Whether you are struggling with a life transition, feeling anxious, sad, or stuck, I can help you develop insight and feel validated to move forward and make healthier decisions.

Therapy can be a stepping stone to creating a path of new possibilities and clarity. I want to help with any challenges life has put in your path by collaborating on achieving your goals and providing a safe environment.


My integrative approach utilizes humanistic, cognitive-behavioral,

and dialectical-behavioral therapy practices.I have clinical experience working with individuals and couples who are dealing with a broad

range of challenges, including anxiety, depression, life-stage transitions, and coping skills. I provide a non-judgemental space for you to share your story, feelings, and unique perspective.

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