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"Let the Journey Begin" Podcast featuring Jennifer Smith

A huge thank you to Jason Wahler and Hilary Roberts from the Red Songbird Foundation for giving us the space to talk about very important mental health topics. Go give this episode a listen!

Episode #078 Notes

This week, Hilary and Jason are joined by therapist and CEO of Smith Psychotherapy Group, Jennifer Smith, LMFT. The pandemic has impacted us all in a dramatic way and we’ve all been isolated significantly more than we’re used to within the last year and half. Jennifer gives a therapist’s perspective as to what difficulties she’s seen arise in people of all ages and talks about who she believes has been impacted the most by pandemic isolation. Jennifer also shares some tips and tricks for those suffering and/or wanting to change their lives. For example, she talks about how people aren’t generally able to respond well to being told, “No,” so Jennifer is a big proponent of progressively changing habits and building up coping skills over time before you begin chipping away at a problem. Additionally, Jason and Hilary ask Jennifer how she originally found her way into therapy and if there were any traumatic experiences in her life that made her want to pursue social work, as this is the case for so many people. Finally, therapists are always helping their patients find answers and solutions to feel better in their own lives, but Jason and Hilary are curious what Jennifer does for her own mental health to keep her constantly motivated to help others.

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