Group Therapy

Women's Group
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Building Life Skills - DBT

Join other women facing similar life struggles and gain support as well as tools for wellness 


Wednesday June 22nd 11:00am-12:30pm


Topics include:  

* health and wellness

* mindfulness and stress reduction

* parenting struggles

* relationships

* effective communication

* improving quality of sleep

* finding balance

* self care

* increasing energy and motivation

* and many more...


$40 per group or $35 per group for the 8 weeks if paid up front

Join other teenagers who are experiencing similar issues and learn about tools that can help you improve your wellness

Wednesday's  5-630pm


This group is appropriate for teens ages 13-17 who may be experiencing 

* lost interest in enjoyable activities

* low energy/lack of motivation

* feeling hopeless/helpless

* not sleeping or wanting to sleep all the time

* feeling as if you can't breath

* having fears that won't leave your mind

 * worry excessively

* often feeling lonely, isolated, down in the dumps

* often feeling like screaming with anger

* social/school anxiety

* need better communication with parent/caretaker


$40 per group/package rates available

16 week program for men and women ages 18+ looking to: Decrease emptiness, loneliness, impulsivity, judgment

Increase focus/concentration, self esteem, self awareness, problem-solving and mindfulness

Saturday's 9:30-11am

This series is broken down into 4 modules (each module is 4 weeks):

Module 1: Mindfulness

Module 2: Interpersonal Effectiveness

Module 3: Emotion Regulation

Module 4: Distress Tolerance


You may start at the beginning of any module. 


$160 per module ($40 per class)

$560 for 16 weeks ($35 per class)

2043 Westcliff Drive Suite 201

Newport Beach CA 92660


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