Allie Runkel, LPCC


It is an honor to be able to provide a safe space for your healing. We will hold whatever you may be facing to discover transformation through identifying parts of you in conflict with your highest self. Together we will unlearn old patterns and invite new ones in through authentic connection and a felt sense of emotions to get closer to what lies beneath the surface.


I love to work with adults who may have had turbulent childhoods who continue to see dysfunctional patterns in relationship to self or in relationship to others. I use relational work to guide you to your highest self to find a rewiring that is more healthy, regulated, and more in tune with your true needs and desires.


As a dancer, I often rely on felt sense and intuition to guide my clients to a deeper somatic experience in the body.


I completed my undergraduate degrees at UCLA and went on to earn my Masters in Counseling Psychology at University of San Francisco.