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Heather Wiechert, LEP



Heather is a Licensed Educational Psychologist, Nationally Credentialed School Psychologist, and Education Specialist.


With holistic psychology and education at the forefront of her approach, Heather believes to support children and adolescents is to understand the intimate, interconnected parts that make up the whole. Heather’s work is a blend of educational psychology and research-based holistic modalities. She provides comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations, psychological counseling, and educational consultation services. 


Heather has over a decade of experience in the fields of psychology and education. She has a deep understanding of the innate connection between emotions, behavior, and thinking patterns. Heather has worked in Orange County public school districts and has extensive experience with psychoeducational assessments, psychological counseling, educational consultation, and social emotional learning strategies.

After completing an internship at Yale’s child psychiatric unit, she worked at both residential and intensive outpatient programs to support children and adolescents with eating disorders and mental health disorders. Heather is passionate about early intervention and integrative approaches to learning and overall well-being. She is also a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher. Building from a foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Heather integrates holistic modalities and mind-body techniques such as breathwork, mindfulness, guided imagery, somatic tapping, yoga, sound, and art to support the whole child. She collaborates with naturopathic doctors, medical professionals, and multidisciplinary school teams.

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